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Stupid Girls

Filed under: — Jaime @ 2:38 am

I do my best to keep politics out of The Gull Reef Club, but I received the following and am compelled to comment. I am on a lot of political email lists. Today’s money-seeking email comes from, and Donna Brazile apparently has lent her name to the signature block. Now, it’s not unusual for a political party or candidate to seek money. Nor is it unusual for said party to use language that is meant to appeal its base and impart a sense of urgency to donate. Today’s email is no exception. It begins by reminding me that the Democrats are the big-tent party, embrace everyone, yadda, yadda…

Then I get to this passage:

When women fought for their right to vote, and the 19th Amendment granting them suffrage was passed, who got their back? President Woodrow Wilson, a big Democrat.

Shitty grammar aside, let’s examine this. Specifically, 19th Amendment granting them suffrage (emphasis mine). Granting? Nobody granted me a damned thing, certainly not Woodrow Wilson and certainly not a Congress full of men in 1920. It’s shameful to see the spread of such historical ignorance, such civil rights ignorance from such an established group. How did this slip by? Did NO ONE review this email before it went out? I can’t be so cynical to think the Democrats want me to believe big government is the endower of female suffrage. Pathetic.

In the event this rant is lost on you, the 19th Amendment makes it so the government can not deny anyone the right to vote based on sex. Again, it granted nothing.


Summer Solstice

Filed under: — Jaime @ 2:31 am

We had a perfectly cloud free evening allowing us to appreciate the day of the most daylight. No stonehenge or crop circles for us though. Instead, I re-replanted one of our poor little catnip plants. I had only just transferred it last weekend to its first real pot. A neighborhood cat or a mixed up squirrel took advantage of the poor thing. Hopefully it will survive so our cats can be the ones to destroy it.

Otherwise it was a quiet start to the summer (with the exception of the hour I played bass, which is rarely quiet). It’s noteworthy that today is the official start to summer and as of yet, we’ve not turned the a/c on. I know! Normally we’re happy if we can make it through April and not have to turn it on. We’ve had an exceptionally cool summer. Plus, Mike just finalized sealing and insulating our attic ducts, so we’ve sort of been holding off until that got done. Really, we haven’t needed it. I prefer the fresh air anyway. This is a rare year and so I’ll enjoy it while I can. It won’t be long before the nighttime goes from comfortable to sultry. The humidity is already holding steady at 50% and as I said – cloudless evening.

Hello summer! Bring on the 4th of July!


Genealogy Scout Jamboree

Filed under: — Jaime @ 2:35 am

I was never a Girl Scout, but it appears I’ve earned some badges.

Funny thing is, I recently stopped indexing the 1940 Census and went back to work on the 1890 Census of Union Veterans and Widows. Then, I get an email saying I earned these badges. Of course, anyone else who indexed did too…

Maybe it’s time for a new indexing project altogether?

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