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Rainy Day, Monday (But Not Down)

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Randomly –

Arsenio vs. Clay? Tough one this year. I like them both. Edge to Asenio for being the Aubrey-free team.

Best. Coverband. Ever: Dirty Loops. Bonus points because they’re Swedes. /Hat-tip to Mike for showing them to me.

I recently indexed some very cool 1940 censuses…censi? Both from Georgia – one was Whitemarsh Island, Chatham County, Georgia (near Battery Point from what I could tell). This was the closest to home I’ve done so far. The second was an all-’Negro’ barracks at Ft. Benning. Indexing the 1940 census has been so fun. I’m actually considering trying to become an arbitrator. I’ve indexed nearly 8,000 names to date. I should be ready.

Finally, some parting thoughts on marriage (gay, straight, or otherwise) – instead of the federal and state governments fretting about whether we should acknowledge inherent rights to varying couples, how about they simply stop registering our private relationships? I can’t possibly be the only one who is creeped out by the idea of disclosing to some bureaucrat my choice in life partner…right?

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