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More Than Kin

Filed under: — Jaime @ 3:25 am

It’s official. There will be a fourth, and alas, final, season of Less Than Kind. I’m glad there will be some sort of resolution.

Bonus points to the Audience Network for finally getting to Season 2. Intro Danny Lubbe last week, Eggman Cometh this week.


Surrender to Remember!

Filed under: — Jaime @ 6:44 pm

Another Memorial Day, another round of situationally maudlin patriots espousing their ever-so-sincere remembrances of veterans lost. Forgive my cynicism (or don’t – the beauty of being cynical is that I don’t care), but I get annoyed when I am harped on to remember. I DO remember them. I remember them nearly every day, far more than most who only bother once or twice a year.

Study your own history and one can’t help but have Memorial Day everyday. Having actively researched my family for quite some time, I know that I am a direct descendant of those who were part of WWII, WWI, the Civil War, the 1862 Sioux Uprising, and the War of 1812 (certainly there are others, but the research, of course, is on-going). I am a direct descendent of those who avoided the wars by religious exemption, moving to Canada, or leaving ancestral lands to come to the good ole USA. I am a direct descendent of the women who went along with the men in charge and their wars. I remember ALL of them, nearly every day.

I’m not so cynical that I’m above encouraging you to start your own family tree, and answering any questions you might have on doing so. Drop me a line or leave a comment. Just don’t harp on me to remember, I promise I do.


My Morning

Filed under: — Jaime @ 5:41 pm

Pretty legit reason to be 10 mins late to work –
Manhunt Savannah

All clear now. Can I get you anything to drink?

Sweet 16

Filed under: — Jaime @ 1:19 am

It was a mere 16 years ago today that the fun all started, and every day the bond grows stronger.

Love you, Mike!

PS – happy 15th birthday Jerry old boy!


Rainy Day, Monday (But Not Down)

Filed under: — Jaime @ 3:09 am

Randomly –

Arsenio vs. Clay? Tough one this year. I like them both. Edge to Asenio for being the Aubrey-free team.

Best. Coverband. Ever: Dirty Loops. Bonus points because they’re Swedes. /Hat-tip to Mike for showing them to me.

I recently indexed some very cool 1940 censuses…censi? Both from Georgia – one was Whitemarsh Island, Chatham County, Georgia (near Battery Point from what I could tell). This was the closest to home I’ve done so far. The second was an all-’Negro’ barracks at Ft. Benning. Indexing the 1940 census has been so fun. I’m actually considering trying to become an arbitrator. I’ve indexed nearly 8,000 names to date. I should be ready.

Finally, some parting thoughts on marriage (gay, straight, or otherwise) – instead of the federal and state governments fretting about whether we should acknowledge inherent rights to varying couples, how about they simply stop registering our private relationships? I can’t possibly be the only one who is creeped out by the idea of disclosing to some bureaucrat my choice in life partner…right?


1940 First Indexer Award

Filed under: — Jaime @ 2:33 am

I (and thousands of other genealogy geeks) have been spending free time indexing the recently released 1940 US Census. On the grand scale, it’s satisfying knowing I am literally helping make history, and more importantly, make history available. On a smaller scale, indexing is a nice way to give back to the community that has provided so much to me for my own research.

In this spirit, The Ancestry Insider has created the 1940 First Indexer Award

1940 First Indexer Award

The displayer of this badge certifies that he or she is a proud indexer of the 1940 Census.

1. Name: Jaime

2. First Indexed: April 6, 2012

3. First Batch: Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., Minnesota

4. Favorite experience: Getting two subsequent batches from Berwyn, Cook Co., IL. Didn’t see anyone I ‘know’ but lots of familiar names.

5. I learned about this award from the blog of: The Ancestry Insider

If you want to help index, visit Family Search


Award Rules

To earn this award you must index or arbitrate at least one batch of the 1940 Census. Once you have submitted a batch:

1. Copy this entire post, including the rules.
2. Replace the answers to the questions.
3. If you wish, replace the badge with a different size or background. Pick from the choices at
3. Post on your blog.
4. Display the award with pride alongside other awards and badges on your site.

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