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In the Land of the Two First-Name Named Goalies

Filed under: — Jaime @ 11:17 pm

It recently occurred to me that there are a remarkable number of goalies in the NHL playoffs who have two first names as their name. I can think of five –

  • Craig Anderson (Ottawa)
    Brian Elliott (St. Louis)
    Jimmy Howard (Detroit)
    Tim Thomas (Boston)
  • I’m probably missing someone.

    Lists are fun. Beats counting sheep.


    Southern Nights: Savannah, A Study in Social Science

    Filed under: — Jaime @ 11:06 pm

    I’m almost afraid to confess this, but after some thought (and creative reasoning) I’ve decided to make my admission in the name of science. Yesterday, I watched the first episode of CMT’s Southern Nights: Savannah.

    Now that that is out there, I’m left to wonder if I should watch the next episode. I sort of want to. However, as I said, if I do, it would have to be for science – social science anyway. After the first episode, I was truly left gap-mouthed, stunned. This happened. In my city. W….T….F….? This was real (in that reality-tv sort of way, of course).

    I fully understand that this is a produced reality show, and a certain amount of showboating for the cameras will be part of it. Most people act differently when film is rolling. Some try to hide (I would put me in that category, and henceforth dub it the ‘normal’ category). Then there are those, like the people chosen for this show, who play it up for the camera. They are like exaggerations of real people. Which, of course, is the reason I want to keep watching. How much of an exaggeration are they? How much of their obnoxious, immature, narcissistic actions are real? What percentage? I.e. – how much does my fellow man suck? I’m also interested in exploring the perpetuation of negative stereotypes of young, white southerners. Is it the producers or the participants who seem to be hell-bent on said perpetuation?

    After his leaving mid-show to play guitar, I am not certain I can count Mike in. So – anyone willing to join me in this experiment? Maybe if we can share notes and observations after the show we can justify watching this train wreck – all in the name of science!

    To Science!

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