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We’re less than two weeks away from St. Patrick’s Day! Savannah’s grandest holiday.

For those of you keeping score, I have been able to trace that I, indeed, have Irish ancestry. I’ve only been able to trace one line officially back to Ireland…North Ireland. County Derry. That counts, right? I say most Americans won’t be able to tell, much less care about, the difference. If you’re related to me and would like to see how I’ve traced this, I’d be happy to show you.

Mike’s side is my focus now. I might get lucky – I’m part Irish, afterall.

If St. Pat’s is not your preference in superficial ethnic holidays as excuses for street parties, I can also trace lines back to Canada, Italy, Scotland, Wales, England, and Germany. Check back with me on Columbus Day or Gwyl Ifan – I’ll be ready to celebrate.

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The Gull Reef Club