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Filed under: — Jaime @ 11:46 pm

As the Bears were wrapping up their decisive victory against the Falcons today, I light-heartedly commented to Mike that I had forgotten how much a Bears win on Sunday can make or break my attitude for the rest of the week. He responded, “So are you saying you have Bear-Polar Disorder?”




Filed under: — Jaime @ 3:37 am

Congratulations to the Savannah Sand Gnats for winning game two of the South Atlantic League Division Championship. We had the bonus tonight of seeing Johan Santana open. He helped moved the game along quick-like. It was over before 10.

One victory more and they win the whole Division. We bought tomorrow night’s tickets on the way out of the stadium tonight. Go Gnats!


Keep Your Flowers

Filed under: — Jaime @ 12:50 am

Mike doesn’t send me flowers. This is perfectly alright by me. He gets me much better gifts than that –

It’s the amp. The bass is his, but I’ve co-opted it for now. I suspect I’ll have my own soon enough.

The fact that he got an amazing deal on it, makes me even happier given my history of cheapness thriftiness.

Thanks Mike!

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