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Here Come the Hawks!

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Just over a year ago, I shared my excitement as the Chicago Blackhawks had advanced to the playoffs. I suspect you regular Beachcombers (if you exist) know I am beyond excitement as the Hawks have now advanced to the finals and have the opportunity to bring Lord Stanley’s Cup home to Chicago.

I have a lot of great memories tied to the Hawks. Many of my childhood Sunday nights involved the warm inflections of Pat Foley’s voice as he announced the games on our ride home from my grandparents’ house. There was nothing finer than hearing Wayne Messmer sing the national anthem, the foghorn of a goal being scored, or the cry of Foley with ‘A SAVE BY BANNERMAN!’

This is the only Chicago team* that has yet to win a championship in my lifetime. I’ve seen the Bears and White Sox do it, and the Bulls so many times I don’t even like basketball anymore. Blackhawks – it’s your time. Let’s go!

*As if I needed to say this…the Cubs are not a real Chicago team, and instead are the hosts of a yuppy-bar with a sports theme.

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