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So Long, 2009. Hello Death Pool 2010

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With a mere five full days left in this year, it’s time to look back at how all we beachcombers did in the Death Pool 2009. Admittedly, I haven’t done a thorough double-check to make sure the list is entirely updated, I’m rather confident it is. If you see anything I’ve missed let me know. I somehow doubt it will matter much, however, since we have Eeyore running away with the contest, having an unprecedented 50% correct guess count. /Que scary music. Looks like we have a new Angel of Death 2009 on our hands.

Now’s time to start thinking about your 2010 picks. Rules are the same as always. Submit to me 10 names of celebrities/well-known people that you think will die in 2010. You can post your picks as either as a comment to this topic, or if you want to keep them private until all entries are in, email me (thegullreefclub -AT- The people on your list cannot currently be hospitalized (care facilities like nursing homes and drug/alcohol rehab are acceptable), nor can they be on death row. If the person on your list can not easily be found by a wikipedia or google search, then that person is not famous enough to be valid. If one of your picks happens to pass away in these last few days of 2009, you be permitted to pick a replacement. If there’s a tie in the end, winner will be decided by whomever’s picks died earlier in the year.

The deadline to submit your list to me is 11:59 pm eastern, December 31, 2009. Once I have all the entries, I’ll post all the picks in a static page.

As usual, there are no prizes other than holding the title Angel of Death for 2010.

So start thinking of your picks, beachcombers. Happy New Year.

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