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Filed under: — Jaime @ 8:29 pm

After over two months at the Gull Reef Club, I am extremely pleased to introduce to you, my Beachcombers, OSCAR! One of the coolest kitties to ever grace the Club. Yes, our fourth kitty (still no human babies, yet – I consider that a win).

Who needs kids when you have cats?

Here is Oscar at about 2 months, when we first got him:

Here he is now, about 4 months, well entrenched in the Gull Reef Club:
Oscar 9-09

I think he’s fitting in well.

I adore my Oscar. Don’t you?


Daffy of Death

Filed under: — Jaime @ 10:47 pm

Another point for DaffyGrl in the Death Pool 2009. Patrick Swayze has passed. I wonder if there is dirty dancing in heaven? I wonder if wondering secures my spot in hell?

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