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Curiosity Killed the Brows

Filed under: — Jaime @ 12:24 am

A perpetual curiosity for me – why do some women pluck out their eyebrows only to draw them in again with a ridiculously expensive eyebrow pencil? Really. I seriously don’t get this.

An aside to these plucking ladies: stop. Stop. STOP. No one cares but you. Get over your eyebrows. Your obsession is so beyond silly words cannot express.

No one and I mean absolutely not one living, breathing person on the earth but you has ever given more than a second’s thought to the naturally growing hair above your eyes. So why pluck, tweeze and restyle that which nobody else really even sees? Get over yourselves. This has to be one of the STUPIDEST trends since powdered wigs.


In Perpetuity, Your Generation Lives On

Filed under: — Jaime @ 5:38 pm

Is losing a friend anywhere akin to a punch to the face? It certainly feels like it. Though truly -I’ve no point of reference – having never actually been punched in the face…

Yet, sadly, a week and a day ago today, I learned of the tragic news that my dear friend Wertz passed away. I wanted to share this sooner, but I’ve had some trouble articulating this. The punch analogy is the best I can surmise. The loss of Wertz hurts so much, it’s dizzying. Sometimes you just can’t get up at the 3 or 4 count. Sometimes it takes almost to 10 before you can stand on your feet again, and even then with a semi-clear head, but a time comes that you must acknowledge the new reality. Thus it is with our loss of Wertz.

My Wertz, your Wertz, our Wertz. We all have so many reasons to celebrate his comforting mix of sarcasm and serendipity that he managed to share with and bestow on us. How was that even possible? How am I even lucky enough to have known such a person? A man who stumbled upon America’s Debate nearly seven years ago and subsequently made it his home, his volunteer workplace, and where all his friends knew his name. Wertz helped me mature in my political and philosophical growth. There are very few who could even near the credit he deserves in this. I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I hadn’t known Wertz, and suffice it to say, I live the happy life. Bits and pieces of that are solely because of my friendship with Wertz.

I am proud to say that I am part of the Wertz Generation. We will live on forever because of you, Wertz. I hope you’re enjoying the great debate beyond – and making them cite their sources. ;)


First Past the Post

Filed under: — Jaime @ 9:59 pm

It’s hard to believe it’s nearly 1/2 way through 2009 and only one entry is now eligible to be marked off in our 2009 Death Pool.

Who was this fabulous prognosticator you Beachcombers ask? Why, your insightful Innkeeper, of course. I pegged the oldest Titantic survivor as not seeing the end of 2009. It appears I was correct.

This has been an unusually slow year for the Death Pool. In previous years, we would have had a number of points scored by now. Not sure why 2009 is different. Maybe we’re just so overwhelmed with all this hope and change.

Regardless – you know what this means, right? I remain Your Angel Of Death. I’d bow…but Americans bow to no one…so…enjoy my creepy awesomeness and move on. Good night.

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