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Clearly not an issue of pressing concern, more slight amusement, your right honorable InnKeeper has been blocked from FaceBook. Truly, Beachcombers, is there anything more satisfying than having the ‘big boys’ block you from playing on their turf? I’m quite pleased, really.

The reason for Facebook’s blockage of my account is because I would not reveal my ‘real life’ surname and, instead, simply went by the moniker of ‘Jaime LastName’ in their conglomerate of loserdome. I’ve assumed this name for at least two years. Not sure why FaceBook decided to notice, and subsequently block, me now.

Regardless, I won’t alter my account. FaceBook can cancel me. I’m not all that interested in ‘reconnecting’ with dorks I knew from high school (if I knew you in HS and I still talk to you, you’re in, if not, you’re likely in the dork category, so don’t bother me). Plus, I’m really not interested in ‘networking’ with, well, anyone in my current life.

Bored, boring, boringest. Such is the time wasted at FaceBook. Thank you FaceBook for blocking me. I don’t need any more time eaters in my life right now. The Gull Reef Club is very busy this time of year.

The Gull Reef Club