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Book Sale, Spring 2009

Filed under: — Jaime @ 11:39 pm

This year’s booksale did not result in as many books as I snagged for myself last year, but I’m pleased with the booty I looted from the library for a mere $2. The newest additions to the Gull Reef Library:

Dear Austin: Letters From the Underground Railroad, Elvira Woodruff. It appears to be a children’s book about some kids who venture to free a family member from the evils of slavery.

War, Peace, and All That Jazz, Joy Hakim. Another juvenile book. A school text covering U.S. History from the end of WWI to the end of WWII. It says it is #9, obviously in a series.

The Cricket in Times Square, George Selden. I’m not sure why I picked up three kids books this year. This one was because it was ‘the book’ that all my friends read and raved about when we were kids, and I just never got around to it. So 25 years later, here I am.

Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, Rebecca Wells. I only grabbed it because I recognized the name from some movie ads a few years back. However, from the reviews I’ve read, this may actually appeal to me. Of course, I don’t see this as one of the types of books Mike and I will ever discuss at any length.

The Shining, Stephen King. Yes, a modern classic I’ve never read. Seen the movie a million times and chills me just the same each viewing. The book’s got to be better. It was written in the hey-day of King, you know, before he got all weird with that Dark Tower trilogy and went down the drain.

On The Edge: A History of Poor Black Children and Their American Dreams, Carl Husemoller Nightingale. A non-fiction account of post WWII poor black kids in the Philly area. I’ve not read about it, but I anticipate it to be gut wrenching. I may need a whole new box of tissue for this one.

You Can’t Keep a Good Woman Down, Alice Walker. Hell yeah, a collection of Alice Walker stories about feminine power? Sorry gents, I must indulge. Hear me roar and yadayada.

Talking Back: …to Presidents, Dictators, and Assorted Scoundrels, Andrea Mitchell. Ok, you regulars, especially to America’s Debate Radio know I am a sucker for MSNBC as far as cable news goes. All cable news is teh suck and this station is the least suck. Yet – I tend to think Andrea Mitchell is one of the least qualified to be on the air. She may be able to snag killer interviews because of her marriage connections, and I’m hoping this book is written better than her sorry on-air abilities. In fact, I’m quite sure it will be. She seems incredibly smart, she’s just not made for tv.

Bias, Bernard Goldberg. Score! Not because I’m one who pretends to be oppressed by the ‘liberal media’ but because this was a huge best seller only a few years back. Ok, I just checked the copyright date, it’s been a bit more than a few years. Time sure does fly when you’re experiencing so much hope and change.

Mike scored a hell of a lot more books than me, some of which I will definitely sink my eyes into. Maybe I’ll get to his list, too (since I don’t see him having any interest in doing so). I do want to note that he grabbed up Boortz/Linder’s The Fair Tax book, which I will certainly read. I’ve been meaning to for years.

$2 for all that?!? I heart the Live Oak Public Library!


Suck It NWS

Filed under: — Jaime @ 10:52 pm

The National Weather Service just broke into a killer repeat of Law and Order Criminal Intent to tell folks in counties an hour south/southwest of here that they *might* experience a thunderstorm during the next hour.

What the heck was that? The NWS breaks into a good show to tell us on the Atlantic coast that we may experience NORMAL weather? Pathetic. Nice try to justify your existence. We need to end these alleged ‘warnings’ and quick like. Stop wasting taxpayer money.

The Elaborate Ruse

Filed under: — Jaime @ 4:55 pm

Mike, and of all people, my very own Mom, have pulled off the best surprise on me that I’ve ever had pulled on me. Seriously, beachcombers, I’ve never had a moment like this in my whole life. I’m nearly giddy.

The background – Mom has been a snowbird for the last fews years. For those of you uninitiated with the term, a snowbird is a person who lives most of the time in the northern half of the US, but winters in the south, where the weather is nice. Mom’s place is near Tampa, Florida. Savannah is on the route from Illinois to Tampa. However, for the last year or maybe even two, Mom has not stopped in Savannah to visit me, and I began giving her a hard time about it.

2009 is different though. This year, from what I’ve gathered at least, Mike and my Mom set a plan in motion in which she was going to visit me, but surprise me upon arrival. Apparently, this has been in the works for at least 3 weeks. Well, Mike and Mom – you win. You succeeded. I’ve never been more surprised in my life.

Not at any time during the planning stage was I ever aware my Mom was going to visit. There were SO many people in on the ruse – my mom’s b-friend, my neighbor, Mike’s sister, and Mike’s dad, to name those I know. Mike was about ready to involve my boss and co-workers, but fortunately, that did not become necessary.

Early this afternoon, Mike convinced me to come out of the office, with my eyes closed, and by his guided hand, head downstairs (which is not an easy thing to do – the Gull Reef Club is 89 years old and has your usual old house-double-landing-twist-staircase.) He led me to the front door, and I had assumed he was going to show me some sort of unusual wildlife in our yard.

Nope. Not even close. I get to the front door, eyes still shut (I don’t cheat), and open them to see my Mom and her b-friend there. Needless to say, I was ELATED. This was THE best surprise ever. Thanks Mike and Mom!


Bring Back Somewhere In Time!

Filed under: — Jaime @ 11:19 pm

Straight from the You-Have-To-Be-Freakin-Kidding-Me-Department…WTKS am (previously discussed here), has sunk even lower than I thought they could go.

In what appears to be a very not-at-all-thought-out part of their reprogramming line-up, WTKS has replaced the classic rebroadcasts of Art Bell’s Somewhere In Time on Coast To Coast AM with…get this…The Money Pit. A lame ass show about home improvement. Pause…absorb…yeah, that’s right. They are broadcasting a homefixit show at 11 pm – just about the time of day, er night, I’m ready to be thinking about making improvements to ye olde Gull Reef Club. WHA???

This has got to be one of the stupidest broadcasting decisions I’ve been subjected to in a long time. I know in the grand scheme of life, this is petty. Yet, as I’ve already explained, I KNOW am radio. I know what works, and I KNOW that I will NEVER EVER NEVER EVER listen to this suck ass home improvement show in lieu of Art Bell classics. I’ll find Art Bell online and skip the radio entirely. Again – pause…absorb…this hardcore am radio listener will skip the radio if necessary. We may like our ruts, but we’re also no dummies. If we need to seek our ruts online, we will.

Attention WTKS advertisers!!! I will not hear your expensive ads because I am now turning this station off more that I turn it on. Think about that the next time your perky sales rep stops by.

WTKS you now officially suck. You suck even worse than you did on Monday for bringing in Michael Savage.

I wasn’t kidding when I said this earlier – we ARE witnessing the death of am radio in Savannah. Good riddance. AM radio deserves to go by the wayside if stations are unwilling or unable to consider their audience. Long live internet radio, where the listeners are king!


The Not Watch(ed) Men

Filed under: — Jaime @ 6:38 pm

If I happen to accidentally fall into one more blog or forum post about The Watchmen, I’m going to punch my monitor…or worse yet – hunt the poster out and punch their monitor. Keep it to yourself, ok? It’s a just movie. Get over yourself and your stupid comic book* already.

*Referred to only as ‘comic book’ to increase the pissedoffedness factor of the fanboys who have been fellating this film all week.


Bring Boortz Back

Filed under: — Jaime @ 9:47 pm

Savannah has limited options when it comes to am radio. As you may have guessed by the whole America’s Debate Radio show, I am sort of a talk radio junkie. This city’s selection leaves me wanting.

A few weeks ago, what I consider to be the lesser quality of the two stations, WBMQ quietly did away with its only, weekly local program hosted by a guy named Ray Steele. They brought in a nationally syndicated dude whose name is too long and lame for me to bother typing. They never explained this and they provided no warning. Not cool to do that to am radio listeners. We’re a fiercely rut-inclined bunch and don’t like changes, and we really don’t like unannounced changes.

Then today, the other am station, WTKS did the unthinkable. They booted Neal Boortz, a fun, Libertarian leaning, Georgia guy for one of radio’s most hate-filled broadcasters, Michael Savage. I am at complete loss as to why anyone would have thought this to be a reasonable, much less good, decision.

I wrote to the station’s operations manager:

Hello Mr. Richards-

I am disappointed with the recent line up changes at WTKS. It’s a shame that a Georgia broadcaster, Neal Boortz, was dropped for an acerbic, inflammatory man from San Francisco. I can assure you, I will no longer prepare my evening meals tuned to WTKS while Mike Savage is on. I strongly urge WTKS to reconsider this horrendous change and bring Boortz back.



I got a polite thank you, which didn’t seem like a bot, but it didn’t say anything promising or offer any explanations. Not a surprise, though.

These types of programming decisions have me wondering if we’re seeing the final days of am talk radio altogether in Savannah. I’d be sad if both stations went by the wayside, but sad in that Darwin Award sort of way.

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