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Welcome 2009

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Your humble Innkeeper has a lot on her mind. Enjoy the meander or stop reading now. You’ve been sufficiently notified.

I. Stella Escapes.

The first few hours of the first day of 2009 sucked. Sucked in the worst way. Our little cat Stella Blue was missing. She didn’t show up for breakfast – a clear indicator she was not in the house, or was stuck somewhere. Worse yet, before bed – laaaaaate on New Year’s Eve, Mike asked if I had seen her. I had seen her for dinner (though not after) and assured Mike she was likely fine. Queue foreboding music.

During the evening festivities, Mike and I were preparing pork butts to be smoked. We were back and forth between the bbq and the house numerous times well after midnight. That must be when she made her escape. Clever little brat she is.

Stella’s predictable, however. Mike didn’t take too much time (after I rudely awoke him with the news) to figure out she was under our house. Southern coastal homes are on stilts. You knew that, right? When we first met our Stella Blue she was living in insulation under an abandoned home. She seems to find this a safe spot. When the hobo let her out, that’s where we found her too. It’s her go-to place.

We had a lot of difficulty getting her out. She was scared out of her mind. Mike, a painful crawl under the house, and a super-soaker solved everything. Stella’s back home. She will be getting a collar and a chip.

II. Too Much Cabbage.

As I mentioned in Part I here, Mike and I smoked some pork butts for New Years. It was much more than that, in fact. We had a whole North meets South New Years. All southern food, as we watched the NHL’s 2009 Winter Classic. Well, most of it – half of the time was spent trying to coax Stella out from under the house. In addition to the pork, we made Hopping John and coleslaw. The BBQ sauce we prepared to accompany the pork and the slaw were ‘North Carolina’ style – very vinegar based. All turned out impeccably. We ate it until yesterday.

For lunch today, I decided I could no longer handle my southern leftovers. Trying to go in a completely different direction, I ordered from a downtown Japanese place. Shrimp tempura sushi and harumaki. An impulse order, really. When I get that Japanese food ‘craving’ I usually get only one of these two items. It completely slipped my mind that most of the stuffing in harumaki is cabbage – just like the coleslaw I’ve been eating for nearly a week. I need a break. My colon may never forgive me.

III. Savannah Recycles?

Last thing. For now at least. Recycling pick-ups officially begin today. Savannah’s been a bit behind other cities in getting kick-started in the recycling. After some wrangling, we’re here. From what I’ve seen so far, this is going to fail; unless, of course, the course is changed.

The biggest problem with Savannah’s recycling program is that our recycling ‘bin’ is far from a bin. It’s a giagantic, alley-sized garbage can. This oversized bin in no way induces me to recycle. If it were smaller, and I could fit it in my house, I might consider recycling. As it stands right now, I’ll have to buy a separate can that I can dump in the large alley bin. Keep in mind, however, I can’t line it with a plastic garbage bag – those aren’t allowed for recycling.

This garbage bag issue brings me to my next complaint about Savannah’s recycling – the limitations. If I want to recycle any glass or plastic bottles, I am required to wash them first. If I want to recycle paper materials, I have to remove tape and staples. Note to recycling officials: I. DO. NOT. CLEAN. MY. GARBAGE. This is an insane request.

Finally, the city has hired a private contractor to program each and every citizen’s address into the bin we were issued. This is to allow the city to track who’s recycling, and if so, who’s doing it properly. This creeps me the hell out on numerous levels. I won’t count the ways.

I’ve resigned myself to thinking that, at most, I’ll recycle cardboard boxes. We usually have a lot of those and I have to break them down to get them in the garbage, so it’s little difference if I put them in the recycling bin. Don’t think I’ll be doing much else unless and until the program changes.


There you go. It’s 2009. This should be fun, Beachcombers.

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