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Thankfully (for Posterity’s sake)

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Before I forget (not sure how that’d be possible, but just in case) – last Thursday’s menu:

Turkey, roasted
Gravy (but you knew about that already)
Mashed potatoes
Sweet potatoes
Green bean casserole
Collard greens (with ham hocks)
Cranberries – with homegrown calamondin
Homemade rolls AND brown and serves
Pecan pie
Pumpkin pie
Mike’s original apple/elephant ear/caramel dessert. You can’t top this. Don’t bother trying.

We also had classic appetizers of spinach dip and a cheeseball. Mike also showcased the hot peppers we’ve been growing all year in an additional appetizer. This consisted of two layers of flour tortillas with a layer of fried corn tortilla (dusted with fresh ground cumin) in the middle. Tex-mex cheeses were encased in the layers. The highlight was a sourcream/dried pepper mix dolloped on top of the tortilla stack. Mike made three such mixes. The first was very mild, consisting of our homegrown sweet paprika and sour cream. He worked us up in heat, with the next being made of sourcream and a hot chili powder. We topped the last one off with a flaming-hot spicy mustard habanero/sour cream mix. All were quite delicious, and prepared our palettes for the amazing dinner Mike prepared. He really did most of it without help. I mostly stood around and watched and cleaned the occasional dish he needed. Cheers, kudos, etc., to Mike – you rock…sometimes ;)

Next up – Christmas cookies. Aawwww, yeaaaah.

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