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Free Day

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After having nine straight days off, I was scheduled to return to work this morning. I got up with my alarm like I was supposed to and was proceeding along with the usual routine. At precisely 8:40 a.m. I was waking Mike up so he could drive me to work. Just as I was doing so, we both heard a loud rumble. I said to Mike (after having experienced the rumble of the sugar refinery explosion), “Oh, THAT’s not good.” Mike, still half-asleep, concurred. By 8:42, the eastside fire department was full sirens and lights, heading west toward downtown. I could hear other stations responding as well.

On the ride to work, someone called a local radio station and said people needed to avoid Bay and Bull Streets (the HEART of downtown Savannah, where City Hall is) and a few blocks from where I work. We actually made it all the way into the historic district, and some how missed the police cordoning off the area. As we pulled up to work, I noticed the building across the street from ours had no power, but my building did. I turned to grab my coffee and get out of the car – just as my building goes black. 45 seconds earlier and I would have been trapped in the building’s elevator with no power. Talk about my lucky day.

Without having many other options, Mike took me home. Radio news reports were coming in that there were underground power fires that had caused some manhole covers to blow along Bay Street. When we got home, we were able to confirm that this was, indeed, what had happened (WSAV News Report). This exact same thing happened in August as well. Seems Georgia Power’s got some ’splainin to do – as if I needed another reason to hate this hideous utility company. They have now allowed, not one but TWO, dangerous power situations to build up to the point of explosion. I hope some of our local FD beat GA Power reps with their hoses…’accidentally’ of course.

Since power’s out until at least this evening, I get one more day at home. I’m ok with this, but I really was itching to get back to work. Oh well, guess it’s more flash games and reading for me. Better than being stuck in a elevator all day.


Death Pool 2009

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With all the seasonal warmth and cheer surrounding me, I know it’s time to bring the merry morbidity – it’s time to open the call for your picks in the Death Pool 2009!

The rules are simple. Submit to me, either as a comment to this topic, or if you want to keep your picks private until January 1st, as an email to me (thegullreefclub -AT-, 10 names of celebrities/well-known people that you think will die in 2009. The people on your list cannot currently be hospitalized (care facilities like nursing homes and drug/alcohol rehab are ok, though), nor can they be on death row. If the person on your list can not easily be found by a wikipedia or google search, then that person is not famous enough to be valid. I recommend not copying someone’s list 100%, that’s rude and lazy. If one of your picks happens to pass away in these last few days of 2008, you be permitted to pick a replacement. If there’s a tie in the end, winner will be decided by whoever’s picks died earlier in the year.

The deadline to submit your list to me is 11:59 pm eastern, December 31, 2008. Once I have all the entries, Mike will put them together on one page for everyone to read, like he did for us in 2008.

There are no prizes as of yet, but if anyone is willing to donate something we can give to the winner, or has an idea for an inexpensive prize, let me know. You will, however, be virtually crowned the Angel of Death for 2009.

Full disclosure: I am also playing. It’s sort of hard to rig this sort of thing. I’ll warn you, though, I’m good, having won the 2007 and (so far) 2008 Death Pools. Mwahaha!

To get this rolling – here are my picks for 2009:

  • 1. Henry Allingham
    2. Severiano Ballesteros
    3. Elizabeth Gladys “Millvina” Dean
    4. Dino De Laurentiis
    5. Steve Jobs
    6. Mikhail Kalashnikov
    7. Jerry Lewis
    8. Oscar Niemeyer
    9. Ariel Sharon
    10. Dorothy Young
  • This was cross-posted from America’s Debate.


    Thankfully (for Posterity’s sake)

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    Before I forget (not sure how that’d be possible, but just in case) – last Thursday’s menu:

    Turkey, roasted
    Gravy (but you knew about that already)
    Mashed potatoes
    Sweet potatoes
    Green bean casserole
    Collard greens (with ham hocks)
    Cranberries – with homegrown calamondin
    Homemade rolls AND brown and serves
    Pecan pie
    Pumpkin pie
    Mike’s original apple/elephant ear/caramel dessert. You can’t top this. Don’t bother trying.

    We also had classic appetizers of spinach dip and a cheeseball. Mike also showcased the hot peppers we’ve been growing all year in an additional appetizer. This consisted of two layers of flour tortillas with a layer of fried corn tortilla (dusted with fresh ground cumin) in the middle. Tex-mex cheeses were encased in the layers. The highlight was a sourcream/dried pepper mix dolloped on top of the tortilla stack. Mike made three such mixes. The first was very mild, consisting of our homegrown sweet paprika and sour cream. He worked us up in heat, with the next being made of sourcream and a hot chili powder. We topped the last one off with a flaming-hot spicy mustard habanero/sour cream mix. All were quite delicious, and prepared our palettes for the amazing dinner Mike prepared. He really did most of it without help. I mostly stood around and watched and cleaned the occasional dish he needed. Cheers, kudos, etc., to Mike – you rock…sometimes ;)

    Next up – Christmas cookies. Aawwww, yeaaaah.

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