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Birthday Dinner 2008

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Looking back over the Gull Reef Club archives, I realize I’ve only documented my birthday dinner from 2007. This is a shame because Mike has been making me increasingly incredible birthday dinners for well over a decade now. 2008 proved to be no exception.

This year’s menu included braised beef ribs in a red wine sauce/turned gravy, fresh herbed mashed potatoes, and baked acorn squash (as my grandma would have made). For dessert, oddly or usually enough, I asked for something involving ‘apples and puff pastry’ – looking back at last year, I guess I must be predictable for dessert choice.

The recipe I had found for Mike to cook the ribs was clearly lacking at the outset. Mike recognized this and managed to turn it into a perfect French/German style autumn meal. The fresh herbs for our potatoes, rosemary and thyme, came from our garden. All around, it was a delicious meal. Thanks, Mike.

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