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Oatmeal, Yaaaah

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In an elevator today, I over heard the following conversation between, what appeared to be, two co-workers. Both were women, early-mid 30s, white, middle to upper middle class. One was blond, one was a red head. Their conversation:

Yellow: Oh, is that that oatmeal? (Red is holding what appears to be a Starbucks coffee cup but it has different coloring than normal).
Red: Yaaah, I’m really liking it.
Yellow: Yaaah, I heard about that. So it’s good?
Red: Yaaah, but you have to keep the lid on the cup for, like, 3 minutes or you know, it won’t, like, set up right, or cook right or something.
Yellow: Awwww, cool.
(Brief silence)
Yellow: Yaaah, I gotta try that sometime. It seems good.
Red: Yaaaah.

I lost brain cells. I KNOW I did. I’m so glad I got off on a floor before them and didn’t have to listen to that any longer. Yaaaah.

Suggestion: just because there is an opportunity to talk doesn’t mean you have to. Silence is nice, too.

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