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Voter No. 19

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Today was the run-off election for the Georgia primaries. For those of us that voted in the Democratic primary on July 15th, we were now invited to come back to vote for the U.S. Senate spot and our local District Attorney.

Being obsessed about having perfect voter attendance (among other reasons), Mike and I headed into our local voting precinct around 5:30 this evening. The four poll workers there seemed overjoyed to have someone new to talk to. They were clearly bored. One of them was reading a novel called, “Crack Head”.

After we completed the amazingly simple (and fast) process, we chatted up the poll workers a bit. We always like to ask how the day’s turn out has been. We learned it was a sad, sad day in our precinct – Mike and I were voters numbered 18 and 19. Yikes! Only 17 other freaking people in my area even bothered to vote? How immensely pathetic. Too bad for you Chatham County. Mike and I now rule you. We voted and you didn’t.

Mike calls this ‘vote concentrate’. Quite a good term for it. The less people that vote, the more mine counts. Hawhaw.

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  1. Dayna says:

    Yeah, and just think: that number probably includes however many people were manning the voting place (I have a feeling most of them voted, simply because there was nothing else to do). So subtract however many that is, and that’s an even more accurate picture of how many people in your county bothered to get off their lazy butts.

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