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Vocabulary Lesson

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I stumble across new words in unusual places. I’m certain I’m not alone in this. With today’s amped up connectivity, we all have the opportunity to pick up words from other languages, and if we feel like it, make them our own. I don’t know if tonight’s lesson will be as lofty, but it is worthy enough to tell you Beachcombers about it.

While sending an email earlier tonight, I invoked to my ultra-hokeyness and typed the word ‘sheesh’. Being a savvy Firefox user*, I was alerted to the fact that I may have incorrectly typed ‘sheesh’. You see, Firefox has a built-in spell-check. I had not misspelled it, however. Sheesh somehow missed their standard dictionary.

What was most amusing about this, however, was the fact that Firefox suggested to me that I may have intended to use the word ‘baksheesh’. Baksheesh?! Seriously? That instantly was defined by me as ‘illegal intoxicant’ or ‘interesting, non-western, board game’. What did you think when you read that? Would you believe I was wrong on both counts?

Turns out baksheesh merely means a ‘tip’ or ‘gratuity’ in Persian/Middle East. A lot of build up for a whole lot of nothing.

Leave your baksheesh on the tables, Beachcombers. I’ll be here all night.

*Are you still using IE? Stop. Stop it now. You’re embarrassing yourself and the web just doesn’t function as well in IE. Give Firefox a shot.

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