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Fear Itself

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NBC has this great new series running called Fear Itself. If you were/are ever a fan of shows like Alfred Hitchcock Presents (old or new), the Twilight Zone (old or new), Tales from the Crypt, or Amazing Stories, this will be right up your alley.

Fear Itself definitely represents the darker side of the anthology shows. The title of the show probably was your first clue, right? The best part of anthology series is that you can pick up anywhere and don’t have to play catch-up. Each episode stands alone. NBC, and their companion video site hulu, are both hosting episodes. Watch them while they’re still available. I notice they’ve taken some of them offline already. Fear Itself is VERY much worth your time.

You know a show is good when it prompts lengthy discussions between Mike and I covering topics such as zombies, how to kill zombies, and how to determine if one has become a zombie. Does a zombie has self-awareness? Plato and John Locke would be proud.

I know you’re interested now, beachcombers. Watch it or I’ll eat your brains.

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  1. Gina says:

    I only caught the tail end of the zombie episode, but I have to say it was well done. Did you notice how touching it was when the zombies joined hands right before they went to eat their last friend? I do believe they have self-awareness, oh yeah…

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