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Stein vs the Power Supply

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I mentioned to you beachcombers in my last Reads post that Gertrude Stein was getting my attention. Three Lives to be specific.

I got through the first story, unimpressed. As I attempted to make my way through the bigoted, condescending second story, I kept encountering problems with Microsoft Word (I was using that as my text reader). The more I told myself to stop reading the story because its crapulence wasn’t going away, the more my computer acted up. Eventually – kaput. My power supply, as it turned out, was on its way to its electric death, and fried up as I was giving my last shot at reading Three Lives. I got the message.

Now I have a kickass power supply that is actually rather energy efficient. See Mike for details. So now I need something else to read. Suggestions needed.

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  1. Jaime says:

    Would you believe it was Mike who gave me a great recommendation for something to read?! Mr. I-Don’t-Read-Unless-It’s-A-Technical-Manual recommended Sailing Alone Around the World, a narrative by Captain Joshua Slocum.

    Mike got word of this book via this article. While I’m not the biggest fan of non-fiction, I eat up sailing adventures, fiction or non. I’m only two chapters in but I’m already charmed by Slocum’s writing style. He has this cynical humorous streak that is very rare in narrations like these and I’m enjoying it so far. I’ll keep you posted. Unless, of course, I decide to build a boat and sail to sea. Then you won’t hear from me again. For awhile at least. Anchors aweigh, Beachcombers.

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