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The Great Sweet Bippy in the Sky

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It is with much sadness that I write of this update to the Death Pool. Score one for me, comedy legend Dick Martin has passed.

Martin’s death is a little sadder for me to report than the others so far this year. In my own way, I had a special connection to Mr. Martin. Well, Messrs. Martin and Rowan, and of course, their mark on our comedic memory – Laugh-In.

As a kid, I warmly recall my sister and I forcing ourselves to stay up late and sneak-watch TV in order to catch reruns of Laugh-In on Nick at Nite. It was obviously naughty and something we were forbidden to watch (or so we thought, not sure if my parents actually cared). That alone, made Laugh-In cool. But it was the sheer comedic genius that permeated throughout that show that made it so special.

Martin and Rowan were the quintessential Vegas-style comedians. Well-tailored suits, long cigarettes, slicked back hair, and well-mannered naughtiness. They bled suave. Their cosmopolitan banter complimented and even tied together the remaining mish-mash of hilarious sketches. It may seem silly, but that show made a strong influence on the kind of comedy I like today – political/fast/curt/brash – it all applies. Plus, women played an integral role in that show (yes, even Goldie Hawn), which was a bonus. I used to idolize Ruth Buzzi…which is probably fodder for a future blog post.

Thank you Mr. Martin for your contributions to the world. I’d rather laugh than do much else, and you certainly brought smiles to all of our faces. Hope you’re sockin-it-to-em where ever you are.

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