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Mike just sent me this article, A Ben By Another Name: Dan. I empathize with Dan, er, Ben. I wouldn’t have 7 years ago, but now that I live in the south things have changed.

When I lived in the midwest and introduced myself to strangers, the biggest mixup they may have had, if any, is calling me Janie instead of Jaime. Not a big deal and I could certainly understand how they heard that. However, in the south the mix-up is no longer the logical Janie/Jaime error. It has become something far worse – they think my name is (shutter) Tammy.

Now I realize that every third woman down here is named Tammy, but puhleeze. Jaime is NOTHING like Tammy. Not. At. All. Close. Not even with my stuffed-up-honky-Chicago accent. How do people even hear that? It’s to the point where I now must exaggerate the pronunciation of my name upon introductions. “Hi, I’m Jjjjjjaaaaaaay(me)….” I try to make sure people hear it right the first time because, unlike Ben, I’ll correct you if you get my name wrong.

Do any of you beachcombers have this name problem like Ben and me?

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  1. Gina says:

    Tammy? Seriously? (attempting to contain the snickering over here)

    I often get Sheena, Tina or Jeannie, though I do get the occasional Jane or Jaime. Honestly, if it begins with a “J” sound, I’ve probably been called it. I’m generally only called Sheena when I’m speaking with someone over the phone, though (as in “hi, this is Gina” ). Seriously, did you ever think I had a lisp? In any event, I’m all about enunciation now.

    My favorite, however, is when people try to read my name and mispronounce it. G-I-N-A… it’s not rocket science, people!

  2. moif says:

    I certainly do. You wouldn’t believe how Anglophobnes can mangle even a simple name like Jan, especially Brits and Americans.
    Yaaaaan (usually Amricans)
    Jan (with an English J rather than a Scandinavian J, which is more like a Y)
    Jam (WTF?)
    and the freakiest of the lot;
    Jane!!!! (I kid you not)

  3. Jaime says:

    Sheena?!? Hilarious. Who the hell is named Sheena, besides maybe Sheena E.?

    moif – you get Jane too? Ha! That’s precious.

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