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Fools Die (but not soon enough)

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Mario Puzo’s Fools Die is my latest read. Ugh. Why oh why oh why did I bother getting to the end? Seriously. This was one of those books that almost seemed like it was written by two people. The first half was alright. A pulpy, slightly wordy, Vegas/corruption style novel. About halfway through, maybe only a third, the book takes a turn for the bizarre and goes way down here from there. Spoilers from here on out.

* * *

After Merlyn, the lead character, sells his book and heads to Hollywood for the script writing, Fools Die goes to hell. This is where is seems like someone else started to write it. It became a self-loathing misogynistic drone. It became so obvious everyone but Merlyn dies. It really got so predictable. I can only rationalize that the reason I finished this book and didn’t dump it off like Puzo would have done in The Godfather was because it was Puzo. I expected so much more from him.

If nothing else, this book does have a few good death scenes. Jordan’s initial surprise death and of course, Cully’s well-written Japanese demise. Not enough to negate my distaste for this book.

We know Puzo can write death scenes. He can not develop believable female characters though, and that became so distracting that I found myself snickering at how silly it increasingly became. Seriously, not all women fit in the category of motherly saint or cunt (his word, not mine). It was repugnant after awhile, and I really probably shouldn’t have wasted my time finishing this.

This leaves me with a good feeling though – I can now start something new. Finally.

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