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Another Only in Savannah Moment

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When running (actually walking) errands in the historic district, I am always sure to never take the same route when possible. Since the city is on a grid, jockeying through the squares and residential streets doesn’t really delay me at all and I get the bonus of seeing the remarkable beauty of this place. I also get the bonus of having these infinite only in Savannah moments.

My errands today brought me through one of the residential streets lined with opulent, preserved mansions. Along the middle of the block was a lovely brown stucco home with a grand staircase leading up to the front entrance. At the top of the steps sat a woman, probably near my age, with a dog, large and long haired, breed unknown (the dog, not the woman).

The scene was normal in all other aspects except for the fact that she was reading from a children’s book … to her dog. Full of warm emotion, her voice sang through the air in the melodic tones that can only mean a book is being read to a child. No, a dog. She was reading to her freaking dog.

Maybe she was practicing for a big speech she was going to give to a group of 3 year olds. Probably not. This is Savannah, afterall. Good doggie.

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