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Moo! Chomp.

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bucket recently started a topic at America’s Debate called Food Myths. It inspired the following -

Here’s a food myth that drives me up the wall – that ‘undercooked’ beef will give you food poisoning.

You gotta admit, the phrase ‘undercooked’ beef certainly does sound scary, and just begs for nanny-governments to step in and regulate. However, the definition of ‘undercooked’ by some standards have become ridiculous and insults the palette.

For example, the great state of South Carolina, has made it a law (.pdf) that all beef served to restaurant patrons must be cooked to 155° “for your protection.” Thank you South Carolina, but let me decide what is for my protection.

Beef cooked to 155° is nearly burnt as far as I’m concerned. Mooing, bloody beef is just fine if the beef was good stock to begin with. Worried about getting bad beef? Then don’t get beef at a place that sacrifices quantity over quality (i.e. fast food). A restaurant concerned with quality is not in the business of poisoning its customers.

And don’t get me started on raw fish…

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  1. Gina says:

    I’m with you, kid! I like my steak bloody and still mooing.

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