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The Unbearable Bassington

Filed under: — Jaime @ 9:37 pm

I finished Saki’s The Unbearable Bassington last week. It was uninspiring enough to prevent me from posting a review until now.

As much as I adore Saki, I wasn’t impressed with this book. Sure, it was filled with the remarkably clever one-liners and devilish sarcasm that I have come to love about Saki. The novel itself was a bit dry and rather predictable, however.

It had a lot of potential at the start, especially when setting up the character of Comus Bassington as a sadistic jackass during the school/caning scene in chapter II. I was almost sure I was seeing the makings of a Perry Cox-like figure, which would have been divine. Saki didn’t follow through though, and let the story be distracted by boring narratives of society life and fluff politics. So much potential and so little actualization. Oh well, there will be more Saki in my future. His writing has delighted me enough to convince me that the disappointment I found in The Unbearable Bassington was an anomoly.

I’m looking forward to the end of the holidays so I can get back to the library and get my hands on some non-ebooks. I think I need something a little more recently published. I just don’t have the time this month. As always, suggestions welcome.

On a related reading note, I signed up for an account at Good Reads. I get the impression (as indicated by the underwhelming lack of comments to my book posts) that none of you beachcombers gives a flying fart about what I read. I may keep my book list over there instead. Probably both places. This is my Club, afterall, I can post whatever the hell I damn well please. So suck it you non book readers. Yeah, and Merry Christmas too.


Cookies 2007

Filed under: — Jaime @ 11:30 pm

The baking is over. The plates are sorted and wrapped. I am quite pleased with the results. Here’s everything, in full technicolor regalia:


and the menu version:


6 lbs of butter. 10+ lbs of sugar. 10+ lbs of flour. 2+ bottles of vanilla extract. Over 1200 cookies. 22 plates, almost a pound and a half each.

We made two extra plates. We’ll entertain bids.

Happy eating.


Cookie Weekend 2007

Filed under: — Jaime @ 4:52 am

Tonight is night two of the weekend Mike and I have dedicated to making our Christmas cookies. You regular beachcombers know that Christmas cookies are a big deal at The Gull Reef Club – (2004, 2005, 2005, II, and 2006).

Some of the best lines from tonight -

Mike commenting on the huge mess of ingredients and assorted cookie making supplies in our kitchen, “It looks like a bomb went off in here.”

Me, “Yes. A delicious bomb.”

and this gem -

Mike, “I bet we could make a decent cookie from what’s on my sweatpants.”

It’s nearly 4am. This may not be as humorous to me tomorrow.

One more day of cookie baking to go. I’ll post the list when we’re done.


Cool Card Revocation

Filed under: — Jaime @ 9:29 pm

Walking to the bank this afternoon, I passed a young man, probably in his late teens/early twenties, on his cell phone. I overhear him say, “Yeah, he’s, like, in his 30s, but he’s cool.”

BUT he’s cool? BUT?!? So the automatic assumption is that 30+ year olds are not cool?


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