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A short warm moment

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Thanks to all of you beachcombers who were kind enough to take a minute to wish me a happy birthday. That was very nice.

For a Monday birthday, today was quite enjoyable. I took the day off work. The weather was perfect (mid 80′s & sunny) so we went to the beach. I even managed to get a little sunburn. How’s that for a birthday in the middle of autumn?

Mike and I don’t normally buy each other gifts for our birthdays, but make each other a nice dinner. He spoiled me this year by picking up these two Chicago Bears patches from e-bay:



I’m not sure if I can wear them with pride, but I can wear them! They’re both quite cool. The second one is an authentic unused patch from the 1970′s. Good vintage. Thanks Mike.

I’ll get my official birthday dinner next weekend, but for today Mike made a delicious dinner of mussels in a white wine cream sauce. Absolutely delicious.

Overall, quite a nice day. :)

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