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Dracula and the Invisible Man Walk into a Bar

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As I previously stated last week, I started (and finished) Bram Stoker’s Dracula. I also plowed through H.G. Wells’ The Invisible Man.

It’s pretty obvious why Dracula has become nearly iconic in the horror fiction genre. This book had all the quintessential elements of a British, gothic story. The imagery was beautiful and so well detailed. Stoker had an incredible talent for creating exquisite illustrations for the reader’s mind. The only drawback for me was the obvious sexism that prevailed throughout the novel, which of course, was only a reflection of the time in which it was written. I still couldn’t help at being annoyed by the paternalistic overtones. This really wasn’t a big enough drawback for me to not recommend it to you beachcombers. It was an easy read and perfect for this time of the year.

No sooner did I finish Dracula, that I dove into The Invisible Man. I confess, I started reading this before I even noticed it was written by Wells. I was at least through the first chapter and onto the second before I scrolled up (e-book) and noticed I was reading Wells. It’s a good thing that I hadn’t noticed right away that it was a Wells novel. There is a strong likelihood that I wouldn’t have bothered with it had I noticed it. His abysmal The Time Machine had ruined me for Wells until now. The Invisible Man was quite redeeming.

I’m not a huge science fiction fan. If I do read any, I prefer it to be of this era (late Victorian/anytime Edwardian). The Invisible Man was nothing like I thought it would be. For some reason, I came into it with a preconceived notion that the Invisible Man was a sympathetic character. Without ruining it for you beachcombers that haven’t read this yet, let’s just say the Invisible Man was anything but sympathetic. This was a very easy read and isn’t very long. You could probably knock it out in a doctor’s waiting room. With health care being what it is, if you do read it in a doctor’s waiting room, you may actually become sympathetic with the Invisible Man.

So what to read next…hmmm…

3 Responses to “Dracula and the Invisible Man Walk into a Bar”

  1. moif says:

    Wait a minute, are you telling me you’ve never read War of the Worlds????

  2. Jaime says:

    Yes, I am. And by your tone (if I can read tone into a blog comment) I think I oughtta give it shot.

  3. moif says:

    Well, it is the forerunner to about 90% of all science fiction. I certainly advise it.


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