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Stomach to Heart

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It’s been a killer week at ‘real life’ work and it’s only Tuesday. It’s times like these that I realize that I am so fortunate that I have Mike. He makes coming home from a hard day absolutely wonderful.

The old adage says that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. By the grace of providential timing of my birth, I can personally attest that I live in an era that the same holds true for women. It’s fabulous that I can live in a time where men are not ashamed to cook for their women. Even further – some men, real men like Mike, pride themselves on their cooking.

While at work yesterday, Mike asked what I wanted for dinner. Too flustered to think it though, I told him I wanted something ‘Chicago’ merely based on the fact that the Bears would be playing that evening in an exhibition game against the Colts. I come home later to find that he has spent the last hour and a half preparing the one food I didn’t get during our Chicago trip – White Castles. This is why Mike is amazing and I am likely the luckiest woman alive to have him. He somehow managed to recreate a White Castles dinner for us – right down to the mini holes in the mini burgers. I’d say he was 97% there. Next time we’ll make the pickles a bit smaller, the cheese a bit more generic, and steam them more. But overall – my oh my – he had it right. A perfectly complimentary dinner to a Chicago Bears game.

Then tonight. Feeling guilty for having such a gluttonous dinner on Monday, when asked again what I wanted for dinner, I told Mike we should opt for something healthy, like shrimp skewers. Fortunate as ever, Mike was kind enough to head to the seafood shop to pick up fresh Georgia shrimp. He has been experimenting with sauces as of late and tonight he may have toppped himself again. He came up with a citrus pepper simple syrup that was to die for. Hopefully, he will chime in with details, but as far as I recall, the sauce was a simple syrup (1 part water, 1 part sugar boiled down) with a lime, lemon, jalapeno and habenero (both peppers fresh from the garden). I should also add that the sugar was turbinado infused with a vanilla bean. After simmering all these ingredients together, he strained the mix and grilled the shrimp in it. We reserved some to use as a dipping sauce. I can’t begin to tell you how amazing it was. Almost like spicy wassail. The main course was complimented by garlic toast and roasted portobellos. I could eat that dinner every day for weeks and not get sick of it.

Thank you Mike for giving me something to look forward to after truly hard days at work. I am so incredibly lucky to have you and more and more madly in love with you with every day.

So on this note – we’re expecting have a seriously-extra-kick-ass Thanksgiving this year with word an old friend will be down for the event. Anyone else in? :D

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