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Captain Blood

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The culmination of a riveting novel can mildly be equated to losing an old friend. Such was the case as I finished Raphael Sabatini’s Captain Blood.

This was a fantastic adventure of the articulate, intelligent Peter Blood – Irish doctor turned pirate captain. No doubt, Sabatini’s novel was loosely based on the true life of Henry Morgan. He even references as much within the novel itself. This book had all the elements that make a good pirate tale – vindication, vengeance, finesse, triumph, despair, and success. It even had a side-line love story that actually did not distract from the story, but enhanced it – which is a rarity it seems. The ending, specifically the closing lines, could have been a little better developed. All in all, however, I have no complaints with this novel. It succeeded in every aspect in spinning the quintessential pirate tale.

A good book can be haunting in that it revisits me in unusual and on unexpected times. Captain Blood will forever be with me. Sabatini succeeded in creating an incredible story. I’d recommend this to all of you beachcombers. Yar!

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