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The Autobiography of a Supertramp

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Through a recommendation by TitaniumDreads at Voodoo Knickers, I managed to track down what I believe is the only free, online copy available of the book The Autobiography of a Supertramp by W.H. Davies.

This was the exact whimsy I was looking for. It’s the true tale (hence autobiography) of W.H. Davies’ days in the U.S., Canada, and the UK as a homeless (by choice) man who tramped around, rode the rails, and saw parts of these countries we can now only imagine. I really enjoyed this book. It has that classic, triumph over hardship thing going on, and that it is true makes it even more special. There was one chapter that made me terribly uncomfortable; it was the one entitled ‘A Lynching’ – I think you’ll be able to guess why even if you don’t get around to reading this book. I definitely recommend this one. It’s a very quick read, although you’ll probably want to cut and paste the book into your own text browser because the freepages site is just plain ugly (and yes it turns to actual text after chapter three).

Now that the summer weather is here, I’m back into adventure novel mode. On my plate right now is Rafael Sabatini’s Captain Blood. I’m only a few chapters in, but I’m liking it so far. I’ll get you a more complete review when I’m done with it.

Remember beachcombers -reading’s for the cool kids. What has been your book of choice these days?

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