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Now that I’ve rejoined the world of contact wearers, I’ve started to notice peoples’ sunglasses a lot more. So what gives with the bug-eyed look so many females are sporting these days? This style:

C’mon ladies. What are you doing here? I realize much of what is fashionable defies all logic, but this is beyond the pale. I mean, even Elton John gave up on these freak glasses a decade ago. It is not cool to look like an insect; it’s not and I won’t be convinced otherwise. If I see you wearing these, I will laugh at you. I promise. You look like a little kid playing dress-up with grandma’s throw-aways.

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  1. Mike says:

    You forgot about these chicks:

    Bug-Eyed Bandits

    Women do some stupid things to convince themselves that they are more attractive. High heels? Come on. That’s just advertising that your fight-or-flight response is limited to fight. And if you’re dumb enough to remove flight from your self-preservation options, my bet is that you can’t fight.

    How about botox? Or breast implants? Or liposuction? Or makeup? Or panty hose? Or… eh… I’m not going to list all the stupid things that women do or I would be here all day.

    And yeah, men also do some stupid stuff to convince themselves that they are more appealing to others. Fortunately, I’m not one of them.

    BTW, Jaim, if you get bug-eyed glasses, I’m going to have to accidentally break them on purpose. You have been warned. :P


  2. Cyan says:

    I hate those glasses. They look utterly ridiculous no matter what decade they happen to be worn in.

    Eat fire bug-eyed scum!

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