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Too Small

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Life as a person of less than average height:

1980. South Kindergarten. First day of school…ever.

I am sitting at my assigned table. Across from me sits Beth Brown. Beth Brown is all brown. Brown corduroy jumper. Brown plaid blouse. Brown eyes. Brown Dutchboy hair cut. Big Brown freckles.

Beth Brown points a crooked, freckled finger at me and says in a high pitched, whiny voice, “She’s too smaaaaaall to be in kindergarten!” The word ‘small’ ringing out through the whole room.

I’ll never forget you Beth Brown. I hope you’re fat. I’m still small.

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  1. Gina says:

    Try being taller than all the guys until the last year or two of high school, my diminutive friend. And yet having a “big” sister who is legally a dwarf.

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