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One for my Master, One for my Dame

Filed under: — Jaime @ 11:26 pm

While we’re on the topic of advertising…are any of you beachcombers as creeped out by those sheepy Target ads as I am? The basic theme for all of their ads are a poppy 70s sounding tune played over images of people of various shades wearing various shades (yet all looking remarkably alike) and using commercial products of all sorts over surreal, vividly colored backdrops. The herd mentality encouraged by these ads is disturbing. Four legs good. Baaaah.


Just in Time for President’s Day

Filed under: — Jaime @ 9:08 pm

Attention auto-makers:

Please stop running advertisements for your President’s Day sales. The holiday is beyond rigor mortis and has moved on to putrescence.

Thank you. That is all.

This has been a public service announcement brought to you by The Gull Reef Club.


Too Small

Filed under: — Jaime @ 2:56 am

Life as a person of less than average height:

1980. South Kindergarten. First day of school…ever.

I am sitting at my assigned table. Across from me sits Beth Brown. Beth Brown is all brown. Brown corduroy jumper. Brown plaid blouse. Brown eyes. Brown Dutchboy hair cut. Big Brown freckles.

Beth Brown points a crooked, freckled finger at me and says in a high pitched, whiny voice, “She’s too smaaaaaall to be in kindergarten!” The word ‘small’ ringing out through the whole room.

I’ll never forget you Beth Brown. I hope you’re fat. I’m still small.


The AARP is for ME!

Filed under: — Jaime @ 10:31 pm

Since I turned 30 last October, the amount of senior-related junk mail I’ve received has increased dramatically. It has culminated with this enticing offer:


I only have until tomorrow to sign up. I better act now. It’s the opportunity of an ever-shortening life-time!


Loss of a Great American

Filed under: — Jaime @ 7:38 pm

Upon hearing of the demise of Anna Nicole Smith, did anyone else think, “damn, why didn’t I pick her for my death pool? Such an obvious choice!”

For what it’s worth, here’s my list for this year:

1. Kirk Douglas
2. Roger Ebert
3. Zsazsa Gabor
4. Ernest Gallo
5. Vaclav Havel
6. Ladybird Johnson
7. Peter O’toole
8. J.D. Salinger
9. Studs Terkel
10. Jane Wyman

For shame.


Senior Citizens of the 21st Century

Filed under: — Jaime @ 10:44 pm

Sitting high atop my perch over the City of Savannah, I was witness to what was either a curious scene or a potential criminal act. I’m guessing the former.

A man with a shock of white hair in a caramel colored jump suit was walking slowly down a line of cars parked on the street and then into an adjoining parking lot. As he approached each parked car, he held up his car-door-opener-keychain (one of these things), attempted to open the car, and when the lights didn’t come on indicating the doors were open, he would then move on to the next vehicle. There were a lot of vehicles. And I watched the slow progression for far too long.

Is this retirement fun-and-games 21st century style?


Super Bears Sunday

Filed under: — Jaime @ 3:39 pm

This year’s Super Bowl is extra special for this little expat from the City of Big Shoulders. My Bears are playing and are going to smear the Colts all over Miami (odds be damned!). I am completely stoked. My prediction? Bears win, 143 to -6.

Super Bears Sunday wouldn’t be complete without a proper finger-food driven menu. This year’s line up at the Gull Reef Club includes chili dip with homemade tortilla chips, taco salad (also with the homemade tortilla chips), crab fritters, and teriyaki chicken wings. We also have some peanuts around here somewhere as well. On special teams, we’ve got ice cream sandwiches.

For the chili dip, we’re simply smearing down some cream cheese, topping that with a bit of chili, onion, and cheddar cheese and baking until heated through. The tortillas are soft corn cut into 4ths or 8ths, deep fried until deep golden brown, and salted. Easy enough.

For the taco salad we’re making the good kind, not that weird kind like my Aunt Esther used to make when I was a kid (with the French dressing. Shudder.). The good kind is a layer of sour cream/cream cheese/taco seasonings mix topped with layers of cheese, lettuce, tomato, and cilantro. Oftentimes, we include a layer of ground beef in our taco salad but didn’t want to go overboard on meat dishes for today.

We’re also experimenting with crab fritters based off of Alton Brown’s recipe. Note anything odd about that recipe? Yeah, no breadcrumbs in the actual fritter, just around (you saw that right?). It’s a bit unusual, but answers what is usually wrong with most crab cakes – too much filler and not enough crab. You’ll see from the reviews that we run a risk of the fritters disintegrating in the oil. I’m not too concerned. We made the filling last night and have let it sit in the fridge all night to bind. We can also add bread crumbs to the mix if the first few fall apart upon frying. It’s not like Alton Brown will issue us a fine if we alter the recipe. We’ve got cocktail and tartar sauces as sides for that, if necessary.

The half time feature is the teriyaki chicken wings. We started these bad boys about 6 pm last night. They’ve been marinading in a syrup of soy sauce, brown sugar, fresh ginger, and green onions. This was inspired by the teriyaki chicken wings my grandmother used to make for family parties. Unfortunately, no one seems to remember her recipe. Improvising runs the risk of it being overly salty. Too much salt is the likeliest killer of a good teriyaki. Mike found a recipe online and it seems to be a good one. I’ll let you know.

Dessert is vanilla or chocolate ice cream slapped between two chocolate chip cookies. We didn’t have any actual chocolate chips for the cookies but did have a mess of candy bars due to a good sale at Kroger. So they are mostly dark chocolate espresso, with some dark chocolate with almonds, and dark chocolate with raspberries and macadamia nuts. Believe it or not, they’re quite good (we had a pregame sampling last night).

Lots of good food. Can’t wait for the game. Go Bears!

The Gull Reef Club