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State of the Union Show & Chat

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Hey beachcombers – tomorrow the President will deliver the State of the Union Address. All your favorite tv shows will be preempted – so join Mike and me, listen to the speech, and celebrate the one year anniversary of America’s Debate Radio.

We’ll be simulcasting the speech starting around 9pm eastern (or whenever the hand-shaking/cheek-kissing/applause stops). As soon as it’s over, Mike and I will go on air and take your calls. We want to hear your rants and raves and cheers and jeers of the speech. So call in!

In addition to all the radio show fun, a whole bunch of us will be in the America’s Debate Chatroom before, during, and after the President’s address. State of the Union chats are something we’ve been doing at America’s Debate for years now. The turn out is usually phenomenal and insanely fun, if not just insane.

You so don’t want to miss this. Talk to you Tuesday!

State of the Union Live Chat and Online Radio Broadcast

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