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Hello 2007

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Happy New Year, beachcombers.

Like years past, I stayed home this year and watched others ring in the new year around the world via webcams. This year I had the pleasure of seeing people celebrate in a number of places. Here are a few glimpses of what I saw:

Here we see some fireworks shortly before midnight in Helsinki, Finland courtesy of the Lasipalatsi Media Centre:

This next shot comes from Sliven, Bulgaria. This was taken at 8 mins to midnight: SlivenBG
Sliven seems like a nice little place to visit.

Everything was all twinkly and pretty in Mariestad, Sweden shortly before midnight: mariestad

On this webcam I spotted a big party going down at the Technische Universität Darmstadt in Germany: darmstadt

I caught a few fireworks being set off around midnight in the tiny village of Lázně Libverda, Czech Republic czech
Pretty cool for a town of only 440 people!

I also saw fireworks in Flawil, Switzerland:

Following darkness, I caught near midnight glimpses in Trafalgar Square:

and also in Dublin:

By midnight in the UK, it was around 2am back in Romania, this time in Romania. Looks like the party was still going:

I didn’t catch any pics of celebrations in the States because we were having a little celebration of our own. 3 chocolate martinis and 2 cape cods meant I didn’t make it much past midnight. Mike recorded the audio of the local holiday celebrations and will have them up sometime soon-ish.

I did manage to catch a couple making out at the Alvin K. Bissell Park in Oakridge, TN:

Happy New Year. May it be peaceful, healthy, and fortuitous.

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