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State of the Union Show & Chat

Filed under: — Jaime @ 7:11 pm

Hey beachcombers – tomorrow the President will deliver the State of the Union Address. All your favorite tv shows will be preempted – so join Mike and me, listen to the speech, and celebrate the one year anniversary of America’s Debate Radio.

We’ll be simulcasting the speech starting around 9pm eastern (or whenever the hand-shaking/cheek-kissing/applause stops). As soon as it’s over, Mike and I will go on air and take your calls. We want to hear your rants and raves and cheers and jeers of the speech. So call in!

In addition to all the radio show fun, a whole bunch of us will be in the America’s Debate Chatroom before, during, and after the President’s address. State of the Union chats are something we’ve been doing at America’s Debate for years now. The turn out is usually phenomenal and insanely fun, if not just insane.

You so don’t want to miss this. Talk to you Tuesday!

State of the Union Live Chat and Online Radio Broadcast


Delicious Coincidence

Filed under: — Jaime @ 5:09 pm

Having been years since I last had some, I recently developed an urge for baklava and mentioned this to Mike a week or so ago. On Friday night, we caught Emeril make some and my urge only increased. Yesterday, we took the plunge and gave it a go. Fillo dough is bizarre and difficult to handle. I have no idea how Greek old ladies made this back in the day before professional sheeting machines. It was like pie crust flavored paper and it is integral to baklava. Our efforts came out marvelously. Baklava is one of those treats that get better after sitting a day or two. I’m looking forward to more.

What I didn’t realize when we were making it last night was that it was Orthodox Christmas Eve and we were making a traditional treat of Greek Orthodox folks. A delicious coincidence.


Hello 2007

Filed under: — Jaime @ 7:16 pm

Happy New Year, beachcombers.

Like years past, I stayed home this year and watched others ring in the new year around the world via webcams. This year I had the pleasure of seeing people celebrate in a number of places. Here are a few glimpses of what I saw:

Here we see some fireworks shortly before midnight in Helsinki, Finland courtesy of the Lasipalatsi Media Centre:

This next shot comes from Sliven, Bulgaria. This was taken at 8 mins to midnight: SlivenBG
Sliven seems like a nice little place to visit.

Everything was all twinkly and pretty in Mariestad, Sweden shortly before midnight: mariestad

On this webcam I spotted a big party going down at the Technische Universität Darmstadt in Germany: darmstadt

I caught a few fireworks being set off around midnight in the tiny village of Lázně Libverda, Czech Republic czech
Pretty cool for a town of only 440 people!

I also saw fireworks in Flawil, Switzerland:

Following darkness, I caught near midnight glimpses in Trafalgar Square:

and also in Dublin:

By midnight in the UK, it was around 2am back in Romania, this time in Romania. Looks like the party was still going:

I didn’t catch any pics of celebrations in the States because we were having a little celebration of our own. 3 chocolate martinis and 2 cape cods meant I didn’t make it much past midnight. Mike recorded the audio of the local holiday celebrations and will have them up sometime soon-ish.

I did manage to catch a couple making out at the Alvin K. Bissell Park in Oakridge, TN:

Happy New Year. May it be peaceful, healthy, and fortuitous.

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