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Grandpa Butter Upper

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It’s my dad’s birthday today. You regular beachcombers know I’m usually pretty mum about dad. But since it’s his special day, what better way to honor the man than to share a humorous anecdote invovling Daddio? Of course, I doubt my ability to make it as cool as a Velociman Senator story, but my dad ain’t no Senator.

My dad is a lot of things, though, one of which is a Steve Martin fan. Back in the late 70s, when I was but a wee tot, Dad, like hundreds of thousands of other Americans, purchased the Wild and Crazy Guy LP…or maybe 8-track. Probably an 8-track. He was an 8-track kind of guy.

Regardless of its original form, the contents eventually burned themselves into Dad’s brain. By the time my kid sister and I were old enough to parrot understandable english, he had us reciting some of his favorite bits. And what I didn’t realize, until decades later looking back on all this, is what a twisted sense of humor my dad had for making us learn those jokes. See, we were completely niave as to what we were actually saying.

For years, my dad would sing to us in a commanding, deep voice, “Graaaaaannnndpaaaaaa…..” to which kid sister and I would obediently sing in reply, “Butter Upper!”

It wasn’t until high school when I had a chance to listen to and actually appreciate Wild and Crazy Guy that I realized what a hoax my dad had perpetrated on us all those years – Steve Martin wasn’t saying butter upper! :o

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