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I’m not going to wax poetic on all things 9/11 related. I think by now, we’ve all had as much as we can stomach.

Instead, let’s reincarnate the Superfans with a 21st century twist. Some of you may have thought the Superfans was just an SNL parody. But for those of us born and raised in the monster’s midway, we know better. Being now 1000 miles away from Soldier Field we don’t have the fortune of having most Bears games broadcast down here (and I’m not paying for any of those lame football packages full of other crap just for my Bears).

We half-way solved this by finding a stream of the game online. Unfortunately, listening that way would strap us in the office. Not that much fun and certainly not condusive with dinner making, which needed to get done (Italian beef and crinkle cut fries, of course).

Being the tech savvy Superfan that he is, Mike devised a novel way to allow us to hear the games in the kitchen (or anywhere downstairs). He took the online stream he found and streamed it through the America’s Debate Radio mixer. He then streamed the game through our skype account (free calls in the US!) and then used skype to call our house number. We answered our house phone via its speaker phone feature. Mike took the speaker phone (now broadcasting the game) and set it in front of a mic which he then plugged into one of his amplifiers – and wala!* The slaughter of the Packers was broadcast to two very happy dinner-preparing Superfans.

If you don’t understand the unrelenting, retarded love we fans have for our Bears, you either somehow missed 1985 or are unable to find joy in repeating ‘Dick Butkus’ over and over again. And either way, I feel sorry for you. Ahhh, my Ditka…

*Mike – did I get this all right? I only made you explain it to me 26 times.

The Gull Reef Club