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Filed under: — Jaime @ 11:52 pm

Mike and I have started a blog specifically for America’s Debate Radio. You can check it out here: Radio Blog. Stop by and leave some comments. :)


Compassionate Conservasomething

Filed under: — Jaime @ 8:00 pm

So I just got this email from Ken Mehlman, RNC Chairman. It begins:

Dear Republican,

I wanted to send you a personal note….

If Mehlman really wanted to be “personal”, wouldn’t he have at least had the courtesy to call me by the fake name I used when I registered for the GOP email list?


Fiction for the Week

Filed under: — Jaime @ 11:27 pm

After years of gentle nudging by Wertz and Sean, I finally got around to reading a few Flannery O’Connor stories. This weekend I read all the stories posted by the Georgia College & State University and all but two posted at Short Story Classics. My only regret is having waited so long to start reading her work. Hauntingly evil and leaves me looking forward to more. If nothing else, beachcombers, read ‘A Good Man is Hard to Find.’ You’ll love the ending. I promise.


Wine me, Dine me, Leave me the hell alone

Filed under: — Jaime @ 9:05 pm

Just in case you beachcombers thought it was getting too serious here at the Gull Reef Club, I bring you some comedic relief, courtesy of google. Apparently, our little Inn is #1 on google searches for “romantic chics

Honestly now, that don’t make a lick a sense.


Filed under: — Jaime @ 7:06 pm

I tend to try and save political meanderings for America’s Debate, but I’m not quite sure where I’d fit this in.

By now, even the most hardcore of you beachcombers knows about the alleged disrupted terror plot. There’s been plenty of talking-head commentary on this so far, and I promise not to bore you with rehashing. What’s not being talked about is what is bugging me.

The deafening silence of Americans in regards to the draconian new anti-liquid airport rule is stunning. Most of us learned by first grade that every animal’s essential survival/biological needs include shelter, food, and WATER. In less than an instant, some purported bad guys are reigned in and our government denies some of us of an essential requirement for survival. Why are we ok with this? Why have so many simply rolled over and said that this bizarre new restriction is a good thing? We need liquid to survive. How can we be asked to give up our biological essentials to prevent what may ultimately be a bogeyman?

Then the conspiracy theorist in me says it’s all just a test to see how much can be taken away from a free population before they crack. Fortunately, the conspiracy theorist surfaces infrequently in these waters.

For the thousands of you wusses who are more comfortable giving up your freedom for security, could you please legislate yourself to house arrest and leave the rest of us to enjoy the wilds of liberty?


Check Please

Filed under: — Jaime @ 11:05 pm

For as long as I’ve lived in Savannah, there is a little man who sits in front of the Chatham County Courthouse and asks black people for change. I say little, but what I really mean is that he has no torso. Really. On the few occasions I’ve seen him walking, he’s mostly a head on legs. He seems harmless enough and I’ve always figured there’s gotta be a reason the Court allows him to sit out there and no one else. I suppose I could ask, but I sort of prefer not knowing.

Heading into the Courthouse today, little torsoless man is sitting in the shade, as usual. As I’m walking up, a very large black woman is heading out. I say large, but I really mean that she barely fit out of the handicapped equipped, super doublewide doors. The icing on her ample cake was the matching all black spandex outfit.

Little man sees Big woman (who didn’t?) and pipes up with his garbled, ‘Got change?’ Big woman swings her mass around to face him. She looks honestly concerned for the man. She fumbles through her black vinyl handbag, pulls out her checkbook, and asks in all true earnestness, “Will you take a check?”


More Reads

Filed under: — Jaime @ 8:12 pm

Four new blogs are now on the The Gull Reef Reads. The first two, Blog d’Ellison and catfish, are by bloggers who found me through Velociman‘s blog. I’m glad they did. I was hooked on both of their blogs right away and have been reading ever since.

The other two are friends by way of America’s Debate. Cyan is back to public blogging at Cities Beneath the Sea. I’m always pleased when she is writing more, she’s always been a delight to read. Also added to the Reads list is the blog of moif over at JRC-1138. He offers a glimse into life in Denmark as a proud papa, husband, and illustrator.

Go check them all out. :)

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