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Answer your phone!

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Mike and I aren’t usually in the habit of answering our home phone. We tend to let it kick to the answering machine and screen calls. For the last week or so, we’ve chosen to amuse ourselves by answering it from time to time. It’s proving to be somewhat effective.

Earlier this week, we answered a call that came up on the caller ID as ‘unknown name & unknown number.’ Usually this is a sales call, but we were surprised to find that it was phone SPAM for Georgia Lt. Governor candidate Greg Hecht. It was very cheesy and resulted with Mike emailing Hecht’s campaign and telling them what was wrong with their call, their website, and how to improve. Mike can be so helpful that way.

Then just tonight, we get a call onto one of our alternative ring lines. Just before it went to the answering machine, Mike notices the caller ID says ‘Gallup’ and he was on it. He said most of the questions involved personal debt and energy usage. I’m sure we’ll detail it more on next the broadcast of America’s Debate Radio so be sure to tune in.

So the lesson is that answering the phone can sometimes be fun. But I won’t be making a habit of it.

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