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Southside and Savannah Irish

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ABC7 out of Chicago is streaming the Southside Irish parade live. Rawk. All the fun of my youth without any of the weather.

The parade is an annual tradition on my dad’s side of the family. The weather always sucked, which was proper because the parade embodied a certain defiance of winter and hardship in general. Of all the things I miss, I think I may miss the Southside Irish Song the most. It was a catchy little ditty. Or may the Wee Folks of Washtenaw and Talman.

Savannah’s set for our own party, starting sometime this coming midweek. A combination of good timing (St. Pat’s is on a Friday this year), good weather, and winter-escapism parties disrupted elsewhere, Savannah is geared up to get down.

Just gotta kill this cold. If only I could stomach Irish Whiskey, that stuff’ll kill germs quick.

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