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Instant Karma…Just add water

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…lots and lots of nasty, sludgy, poopy water.

I so called this earlier. Shortly after I waxed on about my pleasant Saturday, I wandered downstairs to check on my laundry. There, I look on in near horror as I saw all the water draining from the washer out through the bottom of the toilet in the adjacent bathroom. I yell for Mike and an afternoon, followed by an evening, of drain repair and cleanup ensued.

The drainage issue isn’t fully resolved, but we isolated the problem to the back quarter of the house. This means the kitchen and upstairs bathroom are still fully usable, which also means we got to eat dinner and have showers. In the process, we ended up replacing the entire drainage system under the kitchen sink, woohoo. All in all, this was bad but it could have been far worse. Now, I just have to figure out how to get the outhouse smell out of the downstairs bathroom. Eww.

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