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The pessimist, or perhaps the taoist, in me says that because today has started so nicely it will be balanced with a crappy night. But it’s not night yet, so nice continues.

It started simply enough. It’s Saturday so Mike and I got to sleep in. There is little finer than that right there. Shortly after waking, we realized it was in the 70s. Windows were opened. Socks and sweatshirt came off. This is supposed to be the time of year where Savannah experiences its coldest average low temperatures. If this is low, bring it on.

Our pot of freshly ground, Hawaiian Kona coffee added to the greatness of this day. Ritualistically, I logged into America’s Debate for my morning dose of debatage. There, I am stunned to see I had received a message from a long gone member. It had been 3 years since I last heard from him. I was elated. It is absolutely wonderful to hear from people I’ve lost touch with. Reconnecting is always so much fun.

So Kisov (aka Premiere Raoul Kisov…if that really is your name ;) ), Digital Patriot, or Tader if you happen to google your online names and find yourself here, let me know! I’ve tried to google you all with out any luck. It’d be nice to hear from you again.

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