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Baby Please Don’t Go

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For the last few weeks, one of our local AM radio stations has been running a PSA sponsored by Rockers Against Drunk Driving (RADD). The ad features reformed drunks, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, imploring folks not to drink and drive.

This fact would otherwise be unmentionable if not for the odd choice of songs at the end of the ad. The song is Aerosmith’s cover of the old blues ditty ‘Baby Please Don’t Go.’ The specific snippet of lyrics they play are ‘Baby please don’t go/baby please don’t go/baby please don’t go down to New Orleans/you know I love you so/baby please don’t go.”

I love a good conspiracy theory as much as the next gal, so follow me in wondering if there is not some hidden message here. Being that we’re only weeks away from Mardi Gras, renown for its drunken, New Orleanean debauchery, is RADD trying to persuade folks from going? What connection can possibly exist between that song and the prevention of drunk driving? Is RADD trying finish off the job in case Katrina didn’t? How else to explain such an odd choice of songs? Hmmm? Just another example of The Man trying to keep New Orleans down.

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  1. bucket says:

    I always preferred Van Morrison’s cover myself. Perhaps Aerosmith picked the song?

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