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Happy New Year

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Since I stayed home for New Year’s, I thought it might be fun to track the celebrations across the world via webcams. I managed to catch New Year in Kiev, Ukraine, fireworks in Cologne, Germany, a colorful light display at the Eiffel Tower, and people milling about at the Pla├ža Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain. I had cams up for London, Edinburgh, Dublin, and Galway but one of them kept crashing my browser so Mike and I ran to the grocery store for dinner supplies.

I picked back up with a festival of some sort in Da Praia De Santos, Brazil and a very bright plaza in Caracas, Venezuela, where the party went on for hours. Oddly enough, I couldn’t seem to find anyone partying outside in Newfoundland, Canada. Halifax had a fireworks show, however. Guatemala City had a huge tree lit up in its Oblisco.

When midnight rolled around here, Mike and I left the office to ensure a quiet recording of the evenings’ bombardment.

I watched a few cams when midnight hit Chicago. If there were fireworks, I didn’t see any. I then moved on and saw lovely green and purple lights in Salt Lake City, a peaceful green glow was over Denver, and Phoenix looked like it never sleeps. The Edmonton airport was still. It was foggy in Calgary.

There was some sort of swank party happening at Alcatraz. I saw people dancing at a bar called The Beach in Las Vegas. Vancouver was extraordinarily bright. Seattle’s Space Needle had a cool panoramic cam. Cabo San Lucas’ webcams were all stuck on the afternoon and those from Tijuana are unmentionable.

Happy New Year, world.

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