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I’ve got Spirit. Yes, I do.

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Mike and I have been quite festive this season so far. In previous years, Mike has had to drag me pouting and brooding into the holiday season. I’ve been slowly coming around and confess I’ve actually enjoyed myself so far this year.

Our house is all decorated, including a live tree and front porch pillars wrapped to look like candy canes. We made 8 different kinds of cookies including lemon and peppermint kaleidoscopes, chocolate chip, peanut butter kiss, candy cane cookies, pinwheels, oatmeal icebox, and toffee bars.

We took Mike’s nieces and nephews ice skating – quite a workout. The office I work in had a nice Christmas lunch at one of the frou-frou members-only type clubs. Of course, I ordered the most expensive thing on the menu.

Tomorrow Mike and I will celebrate with my family in Illinois like we have the last few years – by internet video conference. We all nestle up by the warm glow of our monitors and open the gifts we sent earlier in the week. (By the way, major kudos to FedEx ground who shipped over 25 lbs of gifts for less than $16 in 3 days!). We’ll make some calls to Mike’s family on Christmas eve also and maybe even try a video meeting with his dad.

Christmas day we’ll spend with Mike’s sister’s family in the Savannah burbs. We’ll have a nice fat Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. Monday I have off, so I intend on sleeping and maybe some laundry, but mostly sleeping.

Mele Kalikimaka, beachcombers.

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