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Yesterday our neighbor stopped by and asked Mike if he would come over and diagnose, and possibly fix, her computer problem. Mike cheerfully obliged and within a matter of minutes he had it diagnosed as a power supply problem. He came back home and searched the extra-extra bedroom aka computer graveyard for a replacement. He found a nearly identical model. Barely ten minutes later he had gone next door, took out the old supply, popped in the new one, made the wires all pretty, and was back home…with nearly two pounds of fresh shrimp. Mmmm shrimp…

See, there is no way Mike would expect anything for helping our neighbor other than the satisfaction of helping a neighbor. However, there was also no way our neighbor was going to let Mike leave empty-handed. It’s the Savannah-neighborly thing to do. Mike had just saved the day… or at least a lot of her vital information. This is where the shrimp enter the show. Our neighbors have a ‘guy’ who home-delivers shrimp all seasons. Works out good for everyone. Fixed computer; fully bellies.

Tonight we eat shrimp. Here’s to neighbors!

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  1. LOL Jaime… I see that he gave Mike shrimp…or did Mike ask for shrimp as payment :D

  2. Jaime says:

    I see that he gave Mike shrimp…or did Mike ask for shrimp as payment

    Heh, Mike wouldn’t have asked for anything. Due to our neighbors having a shrimp-guy they happened to have adundant, inexpensive shrimp and made a neighborly trade.

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