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Happy Halloween!

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The Gull Reef Club was swarmed with little visitors tonight seeking their sugar charges. We had so many kids, in fact, we had to close the door and turn off the porch light around 8:30. Judging by the amount of candy we went through, we probably had around 60 kids pass by here.

I was happy to see that all the groups of kids this year were escorted by at least one adult and that most were wearing costumes of some sort. Also, the most adorable little boy gave me a hug after I gave him candy and he told me he loved me. He was sweeter than anything in my candy bowl.

Mike put up our tombstones and made a disk of scary pipe organ music. Some kid told me, “Your house is spooky.” Thanks, kid, that’s exactly what we were going for!

Earlier today, I celebrated by listening to a rebroadcast of Orson Wells’ War of the Worlds. I was suprised at how well done it was for the time. The initial pause of deadair when the martians zapped the first set of cops caused me to check my streamer to make sure it was working. Still got me after all these years. I also listened to a few old time radio Halloween specials via WSBN FM, Young Harris, GA. I caught bits and pieces of Jack Benny, Our Miss Brooks, Father Knows Best, and Life of Riley. Fun stuff.

All in all, a good holiday. Boo.

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  1. Mike says:

    So while the spooky pipe organ music is playing, I’m prepping dinner– in view of the door. Of course, I’m cutting up a bunch of raw beef! Mwaahahaha!

    At one point Jaime comes back to the kitchen after dishing out the good stuff– she puts one candybar in each of the kids’ bags so we don’t end up running out of candy too early– and tells me this:

    “This one little boy was funny. I put a peanut butter cup in is bag and he says, ‘You knew it. You knew it! You knew that peanut butter cups were my favorite!’”



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